We are a British company, Our aim is to innovate and make functional easy to use products, addressing problems and everyday challenges.

Allowing you to do things better, Sometimes differently including adding some fun – the first of our innovative products is mySpike.

This is an original product designed and made by us from scratch. 

With mySpike you now can Cook your food in 3D without needing to turn in the oven. Whatever you can spike – meat, fish, vegetables.

The choices are endless, giving you more cooking choices and options with minimal effort

mySpike is made from aluminium, it absorbs and dissipates heat well, allowing your food to cook in 3 dimensions

i) Heat in your oven,

ii) Heat upwards from the solid base and

iii) Heat from mySpike in the middle .

mySpike is available in 2 size options (20cm & 25cm dependant on the internal height of your kitchen oven).

The large weighted round base and spike screw together by hand for quick assembly and easy dismantling for storage.

The simple design ensures it stays upright in your oven unaided.

Easy to use and clean after

mySpike is protected as a registered community design No 005512951-0001

What will you cook with yours?

Veebha X


Thank you for visiting mySpike,

We have been experiencing high demand for mySpike kits and mySpice seasonings. Due to restrictions,

 lockdown and limits it has been difficult to maintain stock, As a result we have sold out of some items.

These are all on order with our suppliers and some are due to be with us by the end of May including a small

 batch of 25cm mySpike kits, However there will be a small price increase due shipping costs to us

 increasing by 400%, this is out of our control. mySpike 25cm kits will be £18.99 when they are back in stock.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support, Stay safe

Veebha X