Even though mySpike was thought up by Veebha and developed with help from Tariq - the journey to the finished product would not have been possible without the help of family and friends, and it has not stopped there, we are being supported by them to this day.

A Special Thank you to Aarti ( aartiparmar.com ) her many skills, contacts and insights, not forgetting she designed our logo and took care of our branding

This is a big massive Thank you to everyone involved, Also not forgetting our early adopters and customers, without you, your encouragement, feedback, reviews, posts and shares mySpike would not be possible

Veebha & Tariq

Veebha loves to cook, always testing and trying different ideas and recipes – Kind, generous and warm hearted – you cannot visit her at home and leave on an empty stomach!, always looking to improve and do things better she came up with the idea for mySpike.

She is married to Tariq and is mummy to 2 beautiful Kids – Rehan & Evissa.

Tariq is the go to guy! You have an idea or a concept? look at what he did for mySpike.  After Veebha showed him some images of what others were trying, he set to work going through multiple versions until he had a working prototype. Veebha was able to use this successfully, from there Veebha & Tariq worked to get mySpike to the finished product it is today

Rehan & Evissa

the Kids - Our world
These 2 are our chief testers, they have loved everything cooked on mySpike  РVeebha is always experimenting and everything she cooks for the grown up , she also does a kid friendly version = not so spicy