May 28, 2019

Check out the hi-lights from the recent BodyPowerExpo at the Birmingham NEC where mySpike was out in full force, showcasing mySpike, mySpice and The Gym Chef range to our most health conscious audience to date – met so many people , companies and inspirational athletes, made some great connections and a few more friends

March 8, 2018

We saw some great efforts on FB, wanted to give it a try, couldn`t find anything out there that fit the purpose, my hubby made a makeshift rig using skewers in our oven – it worked but it was hard work. This got me thinking, here is an opportunity, described my vision to the hubby.

His response was “leave it with me….” A few days later he presented to me “spike v1.0” – this was made with some common off the shelf items.

I put it through its paces – and YES!!! it worked, results were perfect

its in the hands of the hubby – expecting the first commercially produced spike “mySpike” to arrive Wednesday 14th March 2018…

Thank you for visiting mySpike,

2020 & start of 2021 have definitely been exceptional for many reasons. 

As you may have heard, there has been a vast increase in materials, shipping and distribution costs, and whilst we have tried our best to absorb those costs. Unfortunately due to the continuous cost increases we are having to increase our prices effective from 21st February 2021

We at mySpike Ltd., are constantly working hard to improve overall customer experience. We have tried our best to minimize the increases as much as we could.

We tried delaying the price increment as much as we could. A humble request to all of our customers to understand this and hope that we see better time soon.

Many thanks for the continued support!

Veebha X