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mySpike is an easy practical solution for perfect oven cooking!

Simply season / marinade or flavour your food the way you like it (check out the mySpice collection for inspiration)

Spike it, place it on a tray

Pop it in a preheated oven and wait for it to cook before serving!

Our website and its content are being updated – You are still able to make purchases from this site – just click on “Shop” from the top menu. Thank you for your patience.

Testimonials & Recommendations

Shellie Parmar to MySpike

5 October 2018

Joty Ramji to MySpike

24 October 2018

Cooked nicely in oven

Neta Tailor to MySpike

27 October 2018

Kam Parmar shared a photo.

2 November 2018

Mocky Ali to MySpike

23 December 2018 at 10:41

Great product…very easy and fun to use. I think we’ll be cooking everything on MySpike…lol

Sheetal Mehta  recommends MySpike.

Yesterday at 19:56 ·

Easy to use and the best bit are the spices – this woman is amazingly talented! Love it 😍

Sang Modi  recommends MySpike.

Yesterday at 09:16 ·

Easy cooking tool for quick meal ideas like, chicken kebabs, roasting a whole chicken and stacking different veggies on the spike to roast.

Monica Bhambri  recommends MySpike.

28 January at 18:48 ·

Love this invention makes cooking sooo easy. Yummy food everything time and so quick to use.

Tia Choudhury  recommends MySpike.

22 January at 09:12 ·

Hi thanks for the spike delivery at such short notice. It worked magic and everybody was complimenting the presentation of the spike and how tender the chicken cooked. Will be recommending you to family and friends. Watch out for orders . Even added Chicken Spiked to the menu. Thanks again.

Priya Vara  recommends MySpike.

10 January at 09:47 ·

Tandoori salmon cooked on the myspike last night. Really great product and would recommend if you want that BBQ taste all year round!

Harsha Chavda  recommends MySpike.

7 October 2018 ·

Lovely crispy chicken wings cooked on the MySpike.

Rekha Parmar
  recommends MySpike.

25 September 2018 ·

Used My Spike today to make spicy crispy aubergine fritters lived the product. So easy to use 👍🏼

Jayshree Parmar  recommends MySpike.

16 September 2018 ·

so I ordered My Spike and give it ago yesterday evening…. done a spicy chicken shawarma using chicken thigh and leg meat only…. it’s was so easy to use. Just prep and marinate..left it for a few hours in the fridge and the simply Spiked it up and let it cook away slowly in the oven….. the family absolutely loves it!!! a great hit with all…. gonna order another My Spike so I can do a veggie options for myself too!!!! highly recommend… bet your now too..

Wesley White  recommends MySpike.

8 August 2018 ·

Spiked my Sweet Potato, Courgette, Salmon and Aubergine and did a surprisingly good job of it!

Christina Patel  recommends MySpike.

9 August 2018 ·

Fantastic invention!

This one item has made such a difference in my cooking, saves a lot of washing up too!

Getting some great inspiration from this page for dinner ideas for all the family!

Highly recommend My Spike!

Especially love the rubber oven glove too!!

Sheetal Mehta‎ to MySpike

Yesterday at 19:58 ·

Just about to cook this delicious chicken sharwama 😋. Absolutely love MySpike 😍MySpike

jessel_1986🔥 Love it ❤️

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