Another tasty dish on mySpike. 

So quick, so easy & SO tasty! 

FULL RECIPE ▶︎ watch the video for recipe and steps - details also below

Chicken Shawarma 


1 Kilo Chicken breast or thigh (pick your meat lamb, beef pork)

2 Tablespoons mySpike Shawarma Seasoning

1 Tablespoon yoghurt

Squeeze of lemon


Salt and Pepper




Handful Coriander

Pre heat oven or Air Fryer



  1. Slice your meat so that its 1cm thick or the same size as the base of mySpike. Your choice if you want to leave bigger let it cook longer at lower heat.
  2. In a dish add your yoghurt, oil, Shawarma seasoning lemon and then flavour to taste with the optional ingredients
  3. Add your meat and stir in well so the marinade gets every area and then start stacking onto the mySpike (if you want to leave for few hour or overnight you can)
  4. Place in the oven for 40 mins if chicken breast, 10 mins more if its thigh and as for red meat you cook to your preference. ( depending on airfryers but I have cooked for 25 mins and it has come out perfect)
  5. Check meat is cooked and serve


Serving Suggestions



Cous Cous




Enjoy and don't forget to share your own MySpike creations with us!