Trick or Treat? 

With mySpike give the family a treat this Halloween!  

  • As the days get shorter and nights get colder, what better way to warm up and fill up then with a Pumpkin themed dinner this Halloween 
  • Halloween is a time where we celebrate and enjoy a fun night with family and the young ones 
  • Using mySpike, Veebha has created an easy to make Fang-tastic wholesome Roasted Lamb & Pumpkin Onepot recipe to feed the whole family. Proper comfort food 

Here is the easy Recipe 

Prep time 20 minutes 

Cooking time 60 minutes 

Eating time What is the rush - enjoy 


1 Medium sized Pumpkin 

1 KG diced Lamb (can use other meats or keep it Veg) 

2 Medium size onions  

2 Cloves of garlic  

2 Carrots  

2 Medium sized sweet potatoes 

1 Potato 

Bell pepper ½ of each colour 

Half cup of Sweetcorn 

1 Cube of Lamb or meat /veg stock 

2 Tablespoons West Indian Curry Powder (Bolst works well) 

4 Sprigs of Thyme  

2 Teaspoons of Salt 


1 Scotch bonnet deseeded  

Add extra root vegetables if you fancy 


Step 1 - Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut the pumpkin in half and deseed.  Load the 2 halves onto mySpike, be careful, first make the guide wholes by spiking down away from you  

Step 2 - Dice your onions, crush your garlic, deseed your chilli and chop. Cut all your vegetables into chunky pieces. I leave the skin on the potato but remove on the sweet potato. Place this on a large deep oven tray 

Step 3 - Add your meat and give it a good mix, mix in the curry powder and strip 4 stems of Thyme and add the leaves. And add few whole stems 

Step 4 - Before adding in the stock place the mySpike with the Loaded pumpkin in the middle of the oven tray surrounded by your lamb and chopped veg. The pumpkin will slowly roast whilst the meat and veg cook 

Step 5 - Add 1 pint of stock to the mix and season to taste and stir, place in the preheated oven for 30 mins and check the meat and water, Give the mix a little stir, if needed add a bit more water but don’t make it too watery 

Step 6 - After another 20 minutes, check and If the meat and pumpkin is done remove from the oven and carefully take the mySpike out and spoon away at the flesh of the pumpkin and add it to your lamb and veg mix. Add the sweet corn and pepper at this stage stir and place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes 

Its ready! serve it up and ENJOY!!! 

Veebha X 

Link to video on youtube